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21/12/2015 02:53

Image cut outs fotos freistellen can be outsourced offshore for low cost

Cutting out images in adobe Photoshop cs3 or cs4+ is not as easy as one would think. Some images can be very complex to work with ending up taking quite a bit of time. Due to the nature of the business, one of need such image cut outs in a large quantity. Lot of companies needing these image...
06/12/2015 15:15

Clipping path service as an IT freelancing job

Many people form developing countries look for outsourcing jobs in the area of IT or computer related business process outsourcing. A computer or more precisely, graphics related job that is gaining good popularity among these freelance IT professionals is clipping path service or photo cut outs...
01/12/2015 13:13

Clipping path service is a big business in developing countries

Developing countries like Bangladesh has a lot of manpower but what the country doesn’t have is the infrastructure to utilize that manpower. Large number of young educated workforce are finding it difficult to land a job upon completion of their higher education. Since the young educated workforce...
27/11/2015 22:24

Photoshop clipping path: do it in-house or outsource?

Working with clipping path or photo cut out is a time consuming process. Some photo might take 5, 10, 20 or even 45+ minutes to clip. If we consider the cost of an in-house employee hour, then we can easily figure out how much it cost us to do clipping path or photo cut out in-house. Different...
07/07/2015 16:38

What type of photo editing services you need?

If you are in the business where you need to publish product photos online so that your potential buyers can see the product photo before making a purchase decision, there is a very good chance that you may end up needing some photo editing service, out of all the services in the photo editing...
12/06/2015 12:19

Invisible mannequin dummies are becoming too popular among clothing store owners

Looks like the entire apparel industry is into 1 common thing - that is to edit their clothing photos for invisible mannequin effects. It is understandable as well as the clothing business owners will need to display their clothing on their web shops and the best as well as most cost effective way...
02/06/2015 08:37

Clipping your way into creating a ghost

Title of the article looks interesting? Wondering what it means? How can you clip and create a ghost? Well, read on and you will know in no time. This article is about Photoshop clipping path and how it can be used to create a ghost or invisible mannequin. When clothing products are photographed...
23/05/2015 16:57

Fashion model mannequin + Photoshop magic = Invisible mannequin photography

Even before models have been used for showcasing clothing wears, dress form mannequins have been used to display and showcase clothing products. If we see old west black and white movies, we see in the general stores, there are mannequins showcasing clothing wears, usually the best the shop...
03/04/2015 05:21

Say What? Ghosting a Mannequin?

If the title of this article made you raise your eye brows, then you have news coming. Read On! Ghost mannequin photography is a common type of photographic practice in the apparel industry. We all know what mannequins are. They are those life size dolls that clothing shops put on the display to...
30/03/2015 17:02

Why Jewelry photography is so difficult?

Jewelry photography is unlike any other photography. When dealing with live models or landscape or other big objects, a photographer have option to shoot them from distance. Sometimes a photographer shots some pictures from very far away, even lime away. Jewelry photography is not so. In order to...

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